The Books


Madlena Krusheva

The books are:


  • Nicky the Fly Fish is a colorful book for ages of 4 to 9. The book is about the adventures of a little fish whose only aim was to reach the sun. Moral of the story - Never give up on your dreams no matter how impossible they may seem.

  • Babies Basic fun activities for toddlers, interactive. Learning what is where on our little faces, etc

  • Moppet and the Teddy Bear A story for 7 to 10 year olds, with the moral of life and death, learning and making sacrifices, and taking things for more than just their face value

  • The Untold Stories of Shehrazad (May be personalized to include any child’s name)

  • The Shoe Giant fun story for the young, about a giant who wasn't really scary...just hungry. moral: friendship and co-operation know no size or boundaries.

  • Peter and the Bonsai Tree (a lovely story about one's roots, belonging, respect and learning. ages 7 +.

  • What Can Oly Eat a funny little story about food and friendship. Friends come from the most unlikely places at times

  • Early Grey (An elephant tries hard to fit in. Moral: we should love ourselves and others for what and who we are not what we look like

  • The Alphabet Bears (a Family read for the young teaching them the values of family and the alphabet all in one go. with alphabet writing activity at the back

  • Pippa the bat (finding one’s way home with the help of others. Learning. A great story.

  • Chubby Purple witch a hilarious story about a witch and her new friends, and all their adventures. Moral; anyone can fit in if they really try) and everyone's good at something. Don't judge others just because they're different. (Authors Favorite)

  • Who is Whitney (very short article to be downloaded online)